Paige Steele is an adult actress and independent in the industry. She has created, put together and owns almost every single video she appears in and takes pride in each one!

Paige has been active in the porn industry since June 2017 and has received multiple award nominations along the way from AVN, xbiz and more! Although she creates most of her content with her spouse, she has been open to scenes with other female talent and has expanded her brand more and more each year. You can find her content on major tube sites, fetish sites and most major subscription sites! She is highly active on social media and works to inspire others to live their best life through her bubbly, goofy and inspirational posts/stories. Paige has found a passion for health, fitness, travel and exploration. She also reads, loves animals, enjoys cooking and is addicted to sweet drinks... all in which she shares with her fans on social media.
She attempts to shoot her as authentically as possible for the viewers. Sometimes the roleplay scenarios reflect events that are currently happening in her life (E.g. Tax appraiser inspects the house) and will use that to create a plot in the next video! In a way, the content has become a diary and her fans can follow along on the ride!

Paige is so grateful for your enthusiasm and support of her work. She appreciates those who keep coming back to view her content and eagerly await her next release. Your unwavering support means the world!! :)